Team Members

President and Director :   


Robert Desjardins 


Tel: 819-208-7379

35 years of experience
Projects Leaders and Estimation :  

Mathieu Lemieux


Cell: 819-208-8379


9 years of experience

Robert Desjardins


Cell: 819-208-7379


35 years of experience

Olivier Desjardins


Cell: 613-299-7508


3 years of experience

Field Foremen :


Sylvain Fleury 30 years of experience
Antonio Cid 30 years of experience
Dominique Brun 20 years of experience
Alain Poirier 20 years of experience

Administrative Assistant :



Natasha Chouinard


6 years of experience



Robert Desjardins, 

Project Director


Career Resume : 

Robert Desjardins arrived in the Outaouais region in 1989, knowing absolutely nobody, but with a 10 years  experience in estimates and as Project manager in the commercial and institutional sector at Laval as well as in Montreal. It is with the same determination and the perseverance that he set the tone to DLS Construction Inc.


It is with more than 35 years of experience in the estimation, the management, the logistics of projects and the contact with customers that Mr. Desjardins managed to give great credibility to DLS construction Inc. The company therefore became major in the projects of all scales, by the quality, servicing and the confidence which we inspire to our customers and this always with mutual respect.  


Mathieu Lemieux,

Technologist in civil engineering, Estimator, Project Manager


Career Resume :

Mathieu Lemieux joined DLS construction Inc. 5 years ago already. He masters perfectly well the plans and the estimate.


Coming from the environment of the construction workers, as a carpenter / joiner during more than 3 years, hedecided to deepen his knowledge in the field of the construction.


He attended a 3 year course  in civil engineering at the Cité Collégiale, and during 2 of these 3 years, he worked for DLS construction Inc. during summertime. The courses he is proud to have followed are: the estimation, the construction related laws, the project management, which allowed him to acquire a good knowledge of this working environment. Since then, he became a full member of D.L.S. Construction Inc.


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Or office is located at :
10, rue Lois
Gastineau, Qc J8Y 3R1

Phone : 819 772-1800
Fax : 819 772-9800


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